Get Involved

We are all inspired to help those less fortunate

The work of the Saints Prison Ministry is multi-faceted and carried out by a team of volunteers, serving in a variety of capacities. Beyond the athletic teams serving on the front lines, the Board of Trustees members, bulk mailing assistants, birthday card signers, correspondence help and other behind-the-scenes functions are necessary to maintain a focus on reaching inmates with the Gospel and helping them to grow in their faith. Review the opportunities below and contact us for more information on getting involved as the Lord leads you.


Use your basketball, soccer, softball or volleyball talents for the Lord. We are always looking for new missionary athletes to join our teams. Your involvement allows us to expand into new regions of ministry impact, as well as continue to deepen relationships in areas currently being served.

Pen Pals

Volunteer from home by writing to an inmate and building a correspondence relationship to minister to him or her. Guidelines and safety precautions are provided and all mail flows through the ministry office in NJ.

Board Service

Potential Board members are interviewed and considered at regular intervals throughout the year. Requirements and qualifications are available upon request.

Bulk Mailings

Volunteers who gather in key regions to assist with bulk mailings are very much appreciated, as the need is greater than our staff can accomplish alone.


Prayer Warriors pray specifically for inmates who have filled out response cards at our games. We send five cards to each Prayer Warrior monthly and ask that they pray for these prisoners at least once a week. At the end of the month, each Prayer Warrior receives five new cards.


If you are computer-savvy, there are a number of areas that offer the opportunity to volunteer from the comfort of your own living room. Reviewing electronic records, social media, and website updates can be done from anywhere.

Spanish Correspondence

An estimated 20% of the inmates who are enrolled in our Bible Correspondence School are Spanish speaking. We always have openings for people who know Spanish and are willing to grade Bible courses and to serve as pen pals.

Financial Support

Give to The Saints Prison Ministry as the Lord leads. If you do not have the ability to give yourself, perhaps you could mention us to your church family, your friends or even your employer. Whether you choose to support a specific missionary-athlete, a particular special project or trip, or provide Bibles, Gospels of John, athletic equipment or other materials your financial support is greatly appreciated and always tax-deductible. Click here for more ways to give

How do you get started?

Please call us at 609-845-3197, email us at, or complete the form below.