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Our Mission

Reaching those in prison with the Gospel of Jesus Christ


Our Vision

Being used by God to impact the lives of every prisoner we meet


Our Method

Using sports as a tool to communicate on common ground with those behind prison walls



Gospels of John distributed to inmates
Professions of faith in Jesus Christ
Prisons Visited
Years of uninterrupted ministry

Stories of God at Work

How God Works

Seasonal Athletic Teams

The Saints Prison Ministry operates softball, basketball, soccer, and women’s teams in various parts of the country. These teams minister in a local region for an entire season: softball in the summer months, soccer and basketball in the fall and winter. The women in the south play softball in the summer; the women in the northeast play volleyball in the fall.

Short-term Missions

The ministry conducts short-term missions trips (crusades) domestically multiple times each year. These four, five or six day crusades are open to any Christian athlete who is looking for any opportunity to join their passion for sports with their love for the Lord. Each participant must meet specific requirements, including financial support, develop a prayer team and submit to an interview with SPM leadership prior to the trip.

Birthday Card Ministries

One of the most effective aspects of the ministry is sending hand-signed birthday greetings to every inmate in our database. Every person we encounter receives an acknowledgment that someone is thinking of them on their special day. This simple action opens many doors for conversation and witnessing opportunities when our teams arrive in person.

Pen Pal Program

Those charged to state or federal custody are desperate for personal connections and pen pals are a huge part of meeting that need. Whether it is a believer behind bars who needs encouragement or an individual seeking answers to their life situation, a pen pal provides a much-needed listening ear and comforting words provided by the Spirit. One does not have to be a novelist or wordsmith to participate – just be willing to write a letter of any length or depth and allow the inmate to drive the conversation.

Bible Correspondence Discipleship

The Saints have partnered with three of the top Bible Correspondence schools in the country to provide quality discipleship for those who make a profession of faith as a result of a team’s visit. These schools provide certificate-level studies of varying depth, and our ministry is kept abreast of how many referrals continue on with their studies.

Church-Crusade Partnership

We partner with local churches to conduct a crusade that is rostered by the church team and conducted under the Saints Prison Ministry umbrella. The ministry provides all of the logistical planning and training to equip these teams to be solid, well-prepared missionaries to the mission field that is the US prison system.

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Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 681
Moorestown, NJ 08057

Physical Address:
2407A Fostertown Road
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Phone: 609-845-3197
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