Short Term Mission Trips

Short-term missions trips are a staple of the Saints Prison Ministry’s pattern of reaching inmates with the Gospel. While our Standing Teams minister in localized regions, the invitations for our program come from many states beyond the reach of those Standing Teams. For that reason, the ministry conducts these trips 8-10 times a year, using two different models.

The first model is athletic missions trips conducted by organization directly. These are run out of our home office in NJ and take place throughout the year. The trips are typically 4-5 days long and rosters are open to anyone who feels a calling to use their God-given athletic ability to reach the lost for Christ.
As with any missions trip, these Missionary-Athletes (MAs) are required to complete very specific paperwork, engage in training as is appropriate for each trip, and raise both financial support and a personal prayer team. Requirements vary with each trip, but the specific parameters are made available early in the year for every trip being planned.

A look at the 2024 schedule can be found HERE.

The second model for short-term missions trips is SPM partnering with a local church (or churches wishing to work together) that already has an athletic team and desires to use the team as an instrument to spread the Good News in response to Acts 1:8. The church team conducts a trip under the Saints umbrella, wearing Saints uniforms and adhering to the Saints Prison Ministry’s method of ministry and conduct for personal activity for the duration of the trip.
These SPM-Church Partnership Trips may be of any length from a 3-day weekend to a 7-day excursion, based on the church’s preference and available destinations. Financial requirements will vary based on factors such as duration, method of travel, destination, and time of year, but all of these parameters are determined well in advance. Any church interested in pursuing a Partnership Trip should expect to begin planning 7-9 months in advance of the proposed trip dates, in order to ensure that all details are in place before a commitment is required.

For more information on our church opportunities, or to begin the process of planning an SPM-Church Partnership Trip, please contact Frank Zeidler, Executive Director at