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By Gary Knowles, FFBC Team member
Wow! What a trip!!! On the drive to Louisiana, Glenn drove the whole way and proved he is an excellent driver. We played games and joked around a lot, arriving safely in Port Allen, La. late at night but in great spirits. After a short devotional everyone went to bed.
On the first day we went to Dixon CI. What a great staff they have, and even several inmates commented positively concerning them. It was very warm and sunny. God gave us a beautiful day to minister to the inmates. I met numerous inmates personally and got to share and love on them in a way that I pray God approves of.
I really feel like God opened some hearts for the good news we were bringing to them. Many reaffirmed their faith, and a few made a first-time commitment to Christ. I met a man named Blaine who wanted me to pray for his family in Shreveport. I was overjoyed that I could pray with so many in a personal way. We handed out the Gospel of John to many inmates and they were all accepted. I knew I would be blessed on this trip and was definitely not disappointed in this. I only wish I could remember each individual that I spoke to. Each one seemed so sincere.
So much happened on that first day and, I hate to admit it, I was a little nervous. When we got back to the hotel, we had a devotion that was very moving and exactly what we all needed. The devotion at the end of each day was so uplifting and an integral part of the trip. I got too much sun at Dixon that first day and missed the next 2 days. That was very disappointing, but I couldn’t stand to be in the sun until my skin healed a bit.
On the last day we went to Elayn Hunt CC. Once again, we received a great reception! Here the ballfield was in great shape and the opposing team had good looking uniforms themselves. This time I let Chris Smith take a break from his scorekeeping duties, allowing him to mingle and minister to the inmates on a personal level during the game.
I did meet a Venezuelan inmate by the name of Oscar who wanted to tell me about all the Spanish speaking inmates he is mentoring in the Gospel while teaching English to those who need it. He also wanted to tell me about all the Venezuelan ballplayers in the US! We prayed together about his ministry. I also met Stephen who asked me to pray for his brother who has cancer. I prayed that Jesus would come into Stephen’s heart, as well as heal his body.
I spoke to so many men that it’s difficult to single them out and to remember each name. I did the best I could to touch as many as possible, telling them Jesus loves them and has not forgotten them. Many, many more were prayed with and heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many seeds were planted, and I trust that God will make them grow.
I received such a blessing from all these guys. It is humbling to be out on the mission field, where the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. My time on this trip makes me want to share the good news of Jesus Christ even more in my daily life! I pray that God will allow me to go on more crusades, because this was a life-changing experience!

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