Pray With Us

Join us in praying for the work of the ministry

  • Thank you for choosing to join us in praying for the Saints Prison Ministry. This list represents a few suggestions of ways to pray intelligently for God’s work among the incarcerated men and women in this country.
  • Pray for the men and women that our teams engage throughout the year; that the Holy Spirit will make their hearts receptive to the Gospel and they will recognize the need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for the administrators and corrections officers at state and federal prisons. Their responsibility is great, yet they are shown little appreciation for working in an often hostile and dangerous environment.
  • Pray for our teams as they travel throughout the year. The missionary-athletes travel thousands of miles each year by plane, bus, or car and their safety is not something we should take for granted.
  • The families these MAs leave behind – whether for a long day or a whole crusade. Very often it is on the home front that Satan attacks while missionary-athletes are trying to focus on being light in a very dark prison setting.
  • Pray for the men enrolled in Bible Correspondence Lessons; they must be motivated to press on as each lesson gets harder AND acquiring the postage necessary to continue becomes a challenge for many.
  • Pray for the SPM Board of Trustees as they follow the Lord’s leading in guiding the ministry.
  • Pray for our Directors and staff as they work diligently every day to glorify God in the nuts-and-bolts work necessary to share the Gospel as often as our teams do each year.

In addition, you may register to pray specifically for one of the Saints Prison Ministry’s missionary-athletes by completing the information below: